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I am Hannes Tribus born and grown up in the South Tyrolean alps where I'm working now for more then 10 years as a software engineer. Initialy my focus was on large backend systems like the IBM mainframe I moved on to client server systems and finally now I'm into APP development.

As I'm living in the Alps most of my hobbies beside the development are outdoor activities like hiking, biking, flying and snowboarding during the winter.

Latest Projects

ShoppingList - Fast & Simple

ShoppingList - Fast & Simple

Very simple shopping list that is designed to support fast inserts, checks and deletes.
Build your own suggestion list! Shopping list saves all your inputs so that you don't need to type them twice.

Available for iPhone and iPad

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Are you surrounded of iBeacon™ senders when you go to work? Well I am!
Furthermore I've to track the time I'm sitting in front of my computer, so I developed this APP that automatically tracks this time by running a timer when I'm in place and stop it when I leave.
If you want to use it and there is no iBeacon™ sender yet available check if your computer supports the BLE standard and turn it into an iBeacon™ sender.

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Other Projects

THCalendarDatePicker Open Source CocoaPods

The standard iOS Date Picker did not show the day-of-week and furthermore it did not allow a lot of customization. ThCalendarDatePicker allows you to select a Date from calendar with a lot of customization possibilities.

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THSegmentedPager Open Source CocoaPods

This control combines the great HMSegmentedControl with a UIPageviewController that takes care of showing the right page when clicking on the HMSegmentedControl and updating the selection when the UIPageviewController scrolls.

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THMoreFromDeveloper Open Source CocoaPods

This control can be used to show other Apps from a developer or a list of APPs that can be intresting to the user of a current APP.

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Work Experience

Lead Software Developer - Eurac research (2010 - Present)

SW Development in the area of e-learning, SSO and mobile development (iOS)

Software Engineer - Faculty of Computer Science - Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Summer 2010)

Developing a prototype application for the hospital of Merano.

Software Engineer - Raiffeisenverband Südtirol (2001 - 2009)

Host programmer; Mainly using PL/1, Siron, Cobol, under zOS, CICS;

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